About Us

Creating perfectly joined and luxuriously finished spaces, so as to be poetic. 


At Maison Studio we are passionate about both the natural and built environments in which we live. While we have design projects across the United States, Jackson Hole, WY is our home base and we are proud to root our business and our lives here.


We believe that whole health and wellbeing extends beyond the body and includes the space, the materials and the environment with which we choose to surround ourselves. Though our profound passion and understanding of place, we have been integral in the introduction of lighter, more elegant western mountain interiors in Jackson Hole. Whether we are designing locally or somewhere else in the country, we draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring natural landscape, local vernacular, and the personal lifestyles of our clients. It is our mission to provide every client with personal and passionately designed living spaces, in which they can achieve their most elevated life.


Whenever possible, we operate in an environmentally friendly capacity, with respect for the land and resources that make our designs possible.