Our Design Process 

At Maison Studio, the Principal Designers are personally involved in the interior design process from start to finish. It is important to us that when a client hires us they are 100% confident that they are getting creative and informed designs from the principals themselves. We take care in getting to know each client on a personal level in order to CREATE inspired SPACE for them that exceeds their expectations and truly reflects their individuality. There is not one formula for design that fits all, but rather each space is uniquely tailored client by client.


We begin by first understanding our clients, the way they live, and how they aspire to live. Then, by re-thinking the way in which we interact with our natural and built environments, we are able to introduce well-informed, and often unexpected, colors, textures, proportions and spatial relationships, resulting in an elevated living experience on a deep and personal level, above and beyond the clients' original vision

Our vast knowledge of textiles, finishes, construction practices and design tools, as well as cultural and historical knowledge of design, antiques, and art throughout the world allows us to offer our clients an encompassing array of choices when developing a design that best fits their lifestyle. Furthermore, we have spent years building long lasting and positive relationships with clients, architects, builders, craftspersons and merchandise vendors throughout the local region and beyond.


We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction throughout the entire design process, from initial meeting to the ‘big reveal,’  and we believe this begins with trust, transparency and open communication. We work with a variety of budgets and project types, across the country, creating personalized environments that meet every client’s need.